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Sweaty Palms - Treatment Options

Book Review
July 5, 2012
Stop Sweating and Start Living - Mike Ramsey

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying "Stop Sweating and Start Living" will soon put antiperspirant companies out of business.

I was reluctant at first to endorse any product but this book was different. The remedies it suggests are all-natural and target the root causes of problem sweating.

My only complaint is that it is only available as an instant access ebook. It can't be purchased in bookstores or on, but I'm sure the instant download feature is popular with people overseas and those who are ready to get started.

I strongly recommend "Stop Sweating and Start Living" to anyone who sweats excessively in the underarm, hand, foot, face or back areas.

- James Chambers

Sweaty palms are most definitely a big social problem. It might be an embarrassing situation. In a way a sweaty palm is not detectable. But you cannot for ever restrain yourself from shaking hands of people. If you do not shake hands they might think the wrong ideas. You of course will never be accepting the fact that you refrained from shaking hands because your hands sweat a lot. And the touch might not be pleasant for the person whom you are shaking hands with. But since you will probably not be able to tell this to the person you do not shake hands with he or she might get all wrong impressions.

But what do you do then? Go and tell every mortal soul that you have an embarrassing little problem your hands swear a lot?

Better still try to cure the problem. Do not be shy go and tell your doctor about the whole thing. The technical term of the problem is ‘hyperhidrosis’. Sweating is of course an essential part of the body’s balance but excessive sweating is as well as being an embarrassment also a physical problem that might be medically treated.

The doctor might want you to go for a small operation to control the sweat glands. Fact is a rather amazing one at that you normally sweat as much as 300 ml per any given day! And this volume can go up to somewhere around 4 litres per day even. And then you know where the problem lies. It becomes a pathological consideration.

There are of course other alternatives to surgery. Suppose take sage for example. Sage can cut perspiration by half in your body. Take tea striped with sage it might just work miracles for you in reducing sweating. Herbs are often the best way to treat a physical problem. They have medicinal values and at the same time they do not cause any side effects on the body. It helps without causing you any kind of pain at all.

But why does our body sweat? You should know the answer if you do have a problem with the phenomenon. Is sweating absolutely unpreventable? Yes! Since sweat is a part of a mechanism that keeps your body heat in balance. Sweat is the thermostat for your body. It regulates heat for you.

But of course excessive sweating is not really needed to maintain that equilibrium unless in absolute necessary conditions.

Sweaty Palms is also known in medical terms as Palmer Hyperhidrosis. Which means excessive hand sweating and it is the most common manifestation of hyperhidrosis. It can be called a ‘hypersympathetic activity’ since it is effected by an increased activity in the sympathetic chain. The sympathetic chain is a part of the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS and is not really an effect of the sensory functions.

To control excessive sweating you can go for a thoracic sympathectomy. It is an operation that was once complicated but has now become much easier due to the fact that it can be done endoscopically. But this would be even though it is a drastic solution the most effective cure.