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Sweating Home Remedies

Sweating Home Remedies Author
James Chambers

Before I dive into this article and talk about some simple sweating home remedies I want to recommend that you read the book Stop Sweating and Start Living by Mike Ramsey before trying any of my suggestions below. It's a common-sense all-natural approach to dealing with excessive sweating and I don't know of any other resource that matches it. I'm not going to repeat any of Mike's advice here - his book is comprehensive and worth a read.

You are reading this today because you or someone you love has a sweating problem. I assure you that you aren't alone in this problem. Did you know that millions of people deal with excessive sweating? To most of those millions of people the cause of their sweating is a mystery. Their uncontrollable perspiration is a heavy burden that they may have lived with for many years. Just know that it affects many.

Below is a list of just a few of the items that are currently marketed for helping sweating problems:

Prescription Antiperspirant
Certain Dri
Medicated Deodorant
Sage Tea
Apple Cider
Underarm Shields and Pads
Botox Injections
ETS Surgery
Herbal Teas

I can't say that any of these items work or don't work because everyone is different. What may work for one person doesn't work for another. One person might have menopause causing hot flashes and night sweats while another may have a medical condition that causes sweating. The sweating home remedy that you use may vary with the type of sweating that you experience.

How do you distinguish the best sweating home remedies from the old wives tales? It can be difficult because some of the simplest cures for sweating are actually the best. Conversely the most invasive and costly methods such as ETS surgery can often turn out to be the worst. Just ask anyone who suffers from compensatory sweating. It turns out their overactive sweat glands kept going just pushed the sweat to a different area of the body.

You also need to distinguish between sweating home remedies that go after the root cause of sweating rather than just masking your sweating. If you are just trying to cover up underarm wetness you'll never get to the root cause of your profuse sweating. Botox injections disrupt underarm perspiration for many hyperhidrosis sufferers but it's only relief for a short period of time. The painful injections cost a lot and wear off over time.

The best antiperspirant for women may include aluminum chloride and work for a while but again it is only masking the problem and over time sweating will reoccur. Not to mention the stains and staining of shirts that are caused.