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Does Caffeine Cause Sweating?

by James Chambers on March 23, 2009

in Causes, Nutrition

Stimulants such as caffeine can play a big role in excessive sweating. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, cocoa and chocolate, nonprescription drugs and prescription drugs, weight-control aids, and a variety of other commonly consumed items.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can trigger perspiration imbalances, and may cause excessive sweating in some individuals. Avoidance of caffeine can result in positive health benefits and may help help control sweating, but some pundits suggest that avoidance of caffeine may only help in milder forms of hyperhidrosis and might not be effective for profuse sweating.

So, does caffeine cause sweating? In short, yes. Should you avoid it if you have a sweating problem? The answer to that question is not as simple. I encourage everyone to try different things. For some, strictly cutting caffeine out of thier diet may be just what the doctor ordered and diminish sweating. Others may just see a moderate decrease in perspiration, while others may not notice any difference.

I’ve talked to many who have noticed increased sweating immediately after drinking their morning cup of coffee. Often soaking through their shirt while sitting at their desk shortly after arriving to work. A 6 ounce cup of drip-brewed coffee carries a whopping 175 miligrams of caffeine. Strong stuff!

Experiment with reducing your caffeine intake to determine whether it is a cause of your sweating problem and enjoy the health benefits as well. Oh, and you might just sleep better too!

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