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Does Being Overweight Cause Sweating?

Book Review
July 5, 2012
Stop Sweating and Start Living - Mike Ramsey

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying "Stop Sweating and Start Living" will soon put antiperspirant companies out of business.

I was reluctant at first to endorse any product but this book was different. The remedies it suggests are all-natural and target the root causes of problem sweating.

My only complaint is that it is only available as an instant access ebook. It can't be purchased in bookstores or on, but I'm sure the instant download feature is popular with people overseas and those who are ready to get started.

I strongly recommend "Stop Sweating and Start Living" to anyone who sweats excessively in the underarm, hand, foot, face or back areas.

- James Chambers

Increased sweating does have a close relationship with being overweight. Those who suffer from obesity or being overweight obviously have less of a tolerance threshold in respect to sweating. The perspiration mechanism can be set off by very minor stimulation.

The relationship between being overweight and sweating is also strengthened by social pressure. In a society where being thin is the ideal body type, the overweight person must deal with this stigma as well as the physical issues that accompany obesity.

Obviously an overweight persons body is challenged to do more. This increases metabolism, putting more of a strain on the persons circulation system.

If disease is not an issue increased caloric intake is typically the cause of the condition. The body needs nourishment to continue metabolism, but if more food is eaten than the daily requirements it could cause weight gain.

A body uses food in different ways and uses them in particular quantities. Proteins and carbohydrates for example. When these quantities are exceeded however, the body stores them as fat tissue.

This increased metabolism relinquishes energy which is released as heat, causing increased body temperatures. This in turn triggers perspiration as a countermeasure. In other words, heavy sweating for obese individuals is simply a method for the body to control it's temperature.

This causes an overweight person to sweat at an increased rate than someone that has a normal body weight.