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Gustatory Perspiration and Sweating While Eating

Book Review
July 5, 2012
Stop Sweating and Start Living - Mike Ramsey

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying "Stop Sweating and Start Living" will soon put antiperspirant companies out of business.

I was reluctant at first to endorse any product but this book was different. The remedies it suggests are all-natural and target the root causes of problem sweating.

My only complaint is that it is only available as an instant access ebook. It can't be purchased in bookstores or on, but I'm sure the instant download feature is popular with people overseas and those who are ready to get started.

I strongly recommend "Stop Sweating and Start Living" to anyone who sweats excessively in the underarm, hand, foot, face or back areas.

- James Chambers

The problematic bursts of sweating while eating can be tought to categorize. A localized and certain type of heavy sweating is taste sweating and it typically connected to eating. Anything that simulates eating such as biting gnawing chewing or tasting can provoke excessive sweating. This is known as gustatory stimuli.

Asymemetric facial sweating could involve symptomatic hyperhidrosis and it is entirely separate from the kind of food that is eaten. Anything that causes stimulation of salivia can cause gustatory perspiration. This type of sweating often occurs on the shoulders or neck.

Eating or drinking some foods or beverages such as spices chocolate coffee and hot foods can trigger gustatory perspiration. Gustatory perspiration can be a neurological disorder as well. Often this will cause segmental sweating - also described as auriculotemporal syndrome or Frey syndrome.

When this happens saliva secretion induces sweat gland activity. Red skin and cheeks burning during chewing and some swelling can accompany this problem. Gustatory perspiration is a syndrome that is often caused by disruptions of the salivary glands such as postoperative disturbances or an infection.

Gustatory perspiration can also show up following sympathicus blockade which is an operation to nerve fibers. It can also show up when there are central nervous system diseases.

Clinical studies show that the creation of skin diseases are linked to heavy emotional stress. Hyperhidrosis could be entirely caused by emotions.