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Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating Dictionary

Book Review
July 5, 2012
Stop Sweating and Start Living - Mike Ramsey

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying "Stop Sweating and Start Living" will soon put antiperspirant companies out of business.

I was reluctant at first to endorse any product but this book was different. The remedies it suggests are all-natural and target the root causes of problem sweating.

My only complaint is that it is only available as an instant access ebook. It can't be purchased in bookstores or on, but I'm sure the instant download feature is popular with people overseas and those who are ready to get started.

I strongly recommend "Stop Sweating and Start Living" to anyone who sweats excessively in the underarm, hand, foot, face or back areas.

- James Chambers

Hyperhidrosis - Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which a person sweats excessively and unpredictably. People with hyperhidrosis can sweat even when the temperature is cool, and when they are at rest.

Sweat Gland - a simple tubular gland of the skin that excretes perspiration, is widely distributed in nearly all parts of the human skin, and consists typically of an epithelial tube extending spirally from a minute pore on the surface of the skin into the dermis or subcutaneous tissues where it ends in a convoluted tuft

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Caffeine and Sweating - caffeine is a stimulant known to increase sweating.

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ETS surgery - Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is surgery to treat sweating that is much heavier than normal. Usually the surgery is used to treat sweating in the palms or face. The surgery stops or turns off the nerve signals that tell the part of the body to sweat too much.

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Nervous Sweat - sweating triggered by feelings of panic, anxiety and nervousness.

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Primary Hyperhidrosis - When your excessive sweating is not caused by any other medical condition or is not a side effect of any drugs that you may be under you are suffering from primary hyperhidrosis.

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Sweaty Hands - when hands sweat excessively, the condition is known as palmar hyperhidrosis.

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